Dear players, welcome to UFHO!
For those who don’t know UFHO yet, let me explain now what it is, what has been so far and where it will go.

UFHO is a puzzle game, so simple, so addictive. You are in control of a jelly alien and you must move him through a hexagonal maze of hexagonal rooms, in pursuit of the gems that contain the energy of the universe.
So simple? Yes. An easy game? Not so much. Addictive? I think (and hope) so.
UFHO is all about strategy: the player can modify the connections between the rooms of the game board, blocking his opponent or creating new paths for himself. All of this in a turn-based struggle where you can challenge your friends in a match of strategy a little bit like chess, but with less rules and more action.

The first UFHO has been launched in february 2008, playable for free on We pushed the game a lot, and it received a good response from the players. However, we’re an “indie” reality and we can’t provide the game with the advertisement campaign it deserves. So we’re moving UFHO to a new location, a place where it will be easily playable by everyone. Where? I will tell you in a while.
UFHO had a good multiplayer mode, but one of the biggest problems of the first edition was the lack of a single player mode, something that is needed while waiting for people to come online and play.
We listened to the feedback left by the users and are ready to come back with style.

UFHO2 will be released in a few months, with a new graphical style, a background story, new gameplay mechanics, a new dynamic soundtrack, and a single player mode complete of a full-fledged Artificial Intelligence. And more I don’t know yet.

In the coming months, I will update this blog with development milestones, small updates on the game, graphical sneak-peaks, chatting about other indie developers, maybe interviews and whatnot, with the help of the others in the UFHO team.
If you are already a UFHO player, stick with us. If you never played the game, stay tuned and give us a chance. You’ll love it.

the UFHO team