Like any respectful galaxy, also the universe of UFHO is populated with different breeds of aliens. Today we’re going to talk about the most common one and actually also the most important for our game: the Gooys.

The Gooys are the Good guys of our story, they live their lives peacefully, minding their own business. They are faced though with a sudden shortage of Gems and set out from their homeland, Goonia, to look for a new source of Gems or, maybe, another source of energy altogether.

They are the ones that appear in the teaser, as navigator (Navigooy, the green one) and radar officer (Sensorgooy, the blue one) of the UFHO. Their commander belongs to another race though.

Calm and inoffensive, the Gooys sometimes are very easy to fool because they trust anyone. That’s why they can sometimes be not too smart in a match, since they often fall in carefully laid traps. They are not easy to beat though, because they are not stupid and make very good use of powerups.

They come in green and blue hues, and are usually very bright. Their distinctive tract is the single big eye that protrudes from their… front face. Curious and deep, it gives up their true innocent nature.