As everybody knows already, this weekend a lot of Global Game Jams will be hosted around the world. We didn’t want to miss this funny event, so I went to the nearest chapter in Italy, that is in Catania. Sadly, Francesco (the audio man) couldn’t join me because he was withheld in France for work reasons.

Speaking of the Catania chapter, the nice guys of e-ludo organized the event in the faculty of engineering in Catania. Incredibly, the university’s headmaster agreed in hosting the GGJ. Looking at GGJ experiences in other countries, one would think that this is something to take for granted. Knowing Italy, I think not.

At the time of writing, I’m listening to an XNA conference just before the start of the GGJ. The theme will be given in half an hour, and then we can start working! Wohoo!
The blog will not be updated in the next couple of days, so see you at the end of the GGJ!