Things happening in the UFHO universe are set in a very far galaxy. This galaxy, whose name is Sticky Way, is a conglomeration of stars just like our Milky Way, but its laid out in the form of a hexagon.
In this galaxy exists a great source of power that was created many ages ago by a race now exinct. This power has been sealed inside the Gems, which look exactly like very shiny and bright blueish gems.

The most intelligent living forms in the Sticky Way galaxy are all jelly-like, like the Gooys or the Jeevils. They have learned in time how to harness the power of Gems for their daily use, powering their technology and giving them comfort and power over the other life forms.

In time though the Gems have become more and more rare. There seems to be a shortage of them and all the jelly aliens are setting out from their respective planets to seek for a new source of Gems in the center of the galaxy. It turns out (but they don’t know yet) that the center of the Sticky Way is not a star but a planet, an enormous blue planet called Spacebook. The planet is emanating a lot of energy and this could mean a lot of Gems.

The jelly aliens are leaving their planets in hexagonal-shaped spacecraft called UFHOs (Unidentified Flying Hexagonal Objects). Each UFHO is powered by one Gem, placed in the center of the ship in a hidden location. The UFHO is internally built like a maze, with hexagonal rooms connected by doors.
It’s not uncommon to see aliens board other UFHOs to get hold of the big central Gem that is giving energy to its engine. When this happens, aliens usually engage in a tactical battle to see who is the best at navigating the maze inside the UFHO and get the most Gems before the other party.