This time it’s the turn of Moonloop, a dynamic duo based in south Italy: Giuseppe Navarria and Rosario Milone.
I’ve met them at the IVDC last year in Milan, and beside being very nice guys they also know what it takes to be an indie developer, and they are really focused on the work and know what they’re looking to achieve. Self confidence is ok, but you must admit your limits and, moreover, the limits of the industry you work in (someone said Italy?)

I’ve had the chance to team with them at the recent Global Game Jam in Catania, where we created the game The Secret of Donkey High-hat.

Moonloop’s first big project is a platformer for XboxLive, ZombieDog. The game is still in the early stages, but you can already find the main character adorable, and assess the quality of Moonloop’s work.

Their website may be a little empty at the moment, but if I were you I’d check it regularly because Giuseppe and Rosario are working hard and will publish new materials soon.