I want to give you a preview of a small game I’m creating for the LUNARCADE game jam that is going on these days in Milan, organized by the always active guys of Santa Ragione and Cranio Creations.
The theme of the jam is LINEE (“lines”) and, unlike other jams, people had the opportunity to participate from home. Since I didn’t want to go all the way to Milan -> €€€ (although now that I see the streaming I really wish I had gone) I decided to take part from here in Madrid.

Bledge is basically a two player oblique Snake game, where each player has to guide a small spaceship and make the other one crash on his trail (tail?). Trails are made of three colors, variations in brightness of the same hue, and there’s a reason for this: the tricky part is that the other player crashes only if he crosses the trail on its dark side, otherwise he just passes over it.
Each player can always pass over (and overwrite) his own trail, so he doesn’t really need to bother about it (this is different from all the other Snake/Tron games).

Apart from that there’s two “special moves” to spice the game and create a bit of strategy: one is a boost that lets a player cover two tiles in one move, and the other is a spin of his spaceship which inverts the orientation of his trail (say, if the black side was on top now it’s facing down), so he can trap the opponent.
The special moves cost energy which can be gathered by picking up some powerups on the stage.
Simple as that.

Let’s see if I can finish the game by tomorrow at a decent hour, the guys at the jam will put it there to be played by all the bystanders if I make it in time. I’m so slow! 😀

Some links for the jam:
The threads for the jam on TIGsource and Indievault.it (There’s 19 concepts so far!! Although not all will be brought to completion…).
The live feed of the jam (when it’s on, don’t forget it’s italian hours, so GMT+1). There’s also a chat, although we usually dwell in the Indievault chat.