The first LUNARCADE Factory event (read “game jam”) is over, and so is the game I made for it. Actually I went a bit over the limit, and the night I completed the game I stayed up until 5 AM just to put a final word on it. It didn’t come out too bad, to be honest!

The music is from the always good Francesco D’Andrea.

Bledge is in fact ready and downloadable from the event website! You can play it on the web (it’s a Flash game after all), or download it for PC or Mac (the Mac one has a cool icon :P).


(click on the images to see them bigger!)

Oh, and check the other games too! There were a total of 11 entries, which is not bad at all considered the “localized” soul of the event. It was an exciting experience all in all, and cool to interact from home with the guys at the jam.
Try also Cathode Rays, Codardo Bastardo, Line Avalanche, Sky Limit (by Santa Ragione themselves), SPIIIIILIIIIINE… to name a few… well do something, try them all! 🙂