After another long pause in updating the blog because nothing really worth in my developer life was going on, I decided this tiring wait has to end.
I have been doing a lot on the events side this last year: I’ve attended the Global Game Jam in january, been to the Netherlands in february to visit the Dutch Game Garden, NHTV, Vlambeer, Ronimo, etc., took part in the Lunarcade Factory jam, went to Napoli for the Brave New Game award in march, been to the No More Sweden 2011 in Stockholm in august, and at the GDC Europe ’11 as a volunteer. Apart from the three small games I made at the game jams, I posted no update on UFHO2 because, simply, there was none.

I am now organizing to resume working on UFHO2 100% of the time and finally see it finished. In fact, I already resumed the work on the graphics as you can see from the opening screenshot.
The full details on how the reboot will happen will be revealed soon enough. Stay tuned!