Another day, another new character. This time’s the turn of…

(from Super Crate Box)

The ‘adorable’ skull-shaped critters that swarm in Vlambeer‘s hit Super Crate Box will inhabit abandoned UFHOs (such as the crashed UFHO currently used for 2vs2, if you have played the game) and be selectable for multiplayer.

These creatures are little carnivorous predators that move in small packs, and they can be found in plains on different planets (it is said that they hide in spaceship’s cargos, thus their presence in more than one ecosystem).
They are usually not dangerous for anybody bigger than a cat, as they only prey on very small animals. Nevertheless, these critters developed a love for the Gems and will go after them blindly when they see one.

When met during the story, the critters will be quite peculiar: the player will face two of them at a time. This means that after the player’s turn, each of them will have his own mini-turn.

They are so small that two of them can fit in one room, so they don’t block each other. Being so small though, they have only 3 moves available to them.
Being primitive creatures, they don’t conceive the use of powerups: in fact together with the Tremodillos, they are the only characters in UFHO that will not use powerups at all.

In multiplayer, the player will be able to use them but as for other races he will be limited to one. The critter will have 6 moves as usual, and one special perk: whenever the opponent gets a Gem, he becomes infuriated for one turn and gains two additional moves (only for that turn).

This is all for now, next one will come soon… in the meantime, keep supporting us on Kickstarter! 😀