Just a quick blog post to tell you all that next week, I’m going to participate in the Indie Speed Run with two of the top-tier backers for UFHO2!

The original text of the reward description (among other things):

[…] we’ll have a brainstorming about a small game which then we will develop with your creative help.

As a part of their rewards, in fact, the backers of this tier were supposed to be able to brainstorm and create a game with me. We will use the Indie Speed Run as an excuse to do it, and to do it fast!

I’ll work with Bill, a musician turned web developer with years of experience, who’ll take a coding role – collaborating with me on Github. Nathan will join us, but since he’s very very busy with a day job in the game industry he will probably only be able to chime in for the concept part.
Here’s our team, Team Peach Pie (in honor of Bill, who’s from Ontario) follows my naming convention for jam teams, like GGJ 2010’s Team Focaccia or last year’s ISR’s Team Pastiera.

So, follow us on Twitter @ccontinisio and (if Bill feels about using it)¬†@estrategylab, or on Tiny Colossus’ FB page. We’ll start around 23 GMT on monday, which will be midnight here in Rome and between 14 and 18 in Bill and Nathan’s timezones. Crazy!