This weekend is Ludum Dare #33 but as much as I wanted to take part, I couldn’t really get inspired by the theme “You Are the Monster” (not to mention that 4 LDs ago the theme was “You Are the Villain”… imagination much?).

But I definitely got inspired by this tweet where a mythical beverage by Luis Díaz Peralta is mentioned. You see, for us in GMT+1 Ludum Dare started at 3 am, and many people around Europe decided to skip the night of sleep, and actually get to work immediately. Personally, after more than 20 jams, I’ve decided to take it easy and not to “jump into the jam whatever time it is”, but let things take their natural course. My plan would have been: go to sleep relatively early, wake up around 8 am, read the theme, shower, get breakfast and start brainstorming.

So I came up with this:

It’s a silly modification of the famous graphic that appeared in the 80’s arcade cabinets before games, where the FBI prompted young gamers not to use drugs. I don’t want to syndicate on people use of drugs, but if you’re going to jam, don’t use “drugs” (and by drugs I include coffee too) to keep you awake when you shouldn’t be: trust me, your productivity will be greatly enhanced.