(This is a repost of an article I made for the Unity blog, which can be found here)

Global Game Jam 2017 recently ended. It was a mad weekend where 36,000 game makers gathered in more than 700 venues around the world, and made 7000 games based on a common theme: “Waves”.

Instead of organising in Rome, this year I flew to Prague and made a game with a graphic artist named Jana Kilianová. Our game is called Splash Clash, and it’s a 2-player brawler on a tiny island, where two pixel characters jump to produce waves and bump each other out. This final concept is just one of the many we got during brainstorming: for instance, we toyed for a while with the idea of having players produce waves by making a sound in the microphone, but after some experiments we settled for this one – the one that seemed achievable in 48 hours.

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