Hi and welcome here!

I’m Ciro Continisio, Technical Evangelist for Unity Technologies but also a game designer, developer, and the founder of Tiny Colossus. Apart from my games, here you will find a blog used mainly to talk about development, report some industry news, and for small articles about the game events I attend.

When I started Tiny Colossus in 2010, I barely had an idea of how game development worked. Now after many years I still struggle with getting a reliable income from this job, but I have realized for sure that it’s the job that I want to do in the long run.

After barely managing to complete UFHO2 in 2014, I developed Slybots with my friend Ennio and launched it in 2016. Nowadays I work at Unity as a Technical Evangelist, making games on the side from time to time.

I am a big fan of prototypes and game jams, and I take part in one whenever I can. During the years I made countless prototypes and game jam games, the best of which you can find under the voice Prototypes in the menu above. I also organized quite a few jams (mostly the GGJ in Rome), and have been Regional Organizer of the Global Game Jam for a few years.

I strongly believe that the making games is not only the developer who goes to work everyday to create a commercial product, but an activity that may have a good effect on the personal growth and the social life of any individual. That’s why I love gatherings, game jams, events, (local) multiplayer games, and in general when games provoke interaction between people.

If you’re interested in what I do and you want to talk or just follow my ramblings, you can find me on Twitter. You can also find more info on me and Tiny Colossus in the presskit.

Thanks for being here!

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