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Ciro Continisio

Game developer, designer, writer for IndieVault, Global Game Jam Regional Organiser, and game jammer myself. I slooowly made UFHO2, I'm now on FATAL ERROR.

E3 and stuff

They say we are indie game developers, and this is unquestionably true, for the most common definition of ‘indie’ revolves around the money available to the developer, and that money surely isn’t here. With this cleared, I feel the need to spend two words on the big game fair that is the E3, taking place in Los Angeles in these very days. I think some indie game blogs have chosen not to speak about it, like some form of silent acknowledgement of distance from the mainstream scene. I don’t share this line of thought: after all, they are games all.. Read More

UFHO in BIT.TRIP Runner!

I found it! It took me a lot of time because it’s very hidden and more concealed than the other pixel art, but at last… it’s actually everywhere! Check it out, in the lower left corner of the screen (the purple pink jelly, on the wall in the underground). (Click for higher res) By the way, this game is totally awesome. I was not convinced at first, I thought it was something like a Canabalt clone. (we are doing a ‘runner’ game ourselves…) IT.IS.NOT. It’s a wonderfully constructed game, with an appealing soundtrack. It’s actually the most melodic of all.. Read More

UFHO in BIT.TRIP Runner?

Some time ago, the cool guys at Gaijin Games proposed to the readers of their blog to create some pixel art to include in their latest game, BIT.TRIP Runner. I managed to sneak in a piece at the last second (last hour actually), and being without inspiration, I drew some UFHO characters in pixel art style. That night Alex Neuse of Gaijin replied to me telling the characters were very cool, but I never figured out if they decided to include them or not. It turns out that they did! They revealed the art that made into the game, and.. Read More

Memory management in Flash

Ah, the joy of the first tech post in this blog! Don’t worry, it will be a quick one, and easy too. This post speaks about memory management, some issues that I had in UFHO with memory and persistency of objects, and the conclusions. Introduction In every programming language, there’s an entity called garbage collector which handles memory and frees it from unused variables. Now, everyone knows that, in Flash, there’s no manual garbage collection. That is, you can’t say to the player “Hey Flash Player, I’m done with this object, release it from memory”… no way! Everything is automated,.. Read More

Powerups galore

I’m working on the implementation of the new powerups for UFHO: Space Academy. In the first version of UFHO we had six powerups, which are marked with a white dot in the image below: As you can see, there’s four new powerups! Can you understand what they are for? Consider their color too, for I have divided them in categories based on their purpose. For example, the purple ones add something (moves or time). The green ones work on areas… can you figure out the purpose of the new ones?

The Humble Indie Bundle!

Those crazy geniuses (geniuses? is this the plural of genius?) of the Wolfire team have created another crazy initiative. But this time for good. The Humble Indie Bundle is, like the name implies, a bundle of indie games. It’s humble because you pay what you want. That’s right, you can have all 6 games in the bundle for as low as 1 cent. It’s crazy. The games are World of Goo (2D Boy), Acquaria (Bit Blot), The Gish (Edmund McMillen), Lugaru HD (Wolfire Games), Penumbra Overture (Frictional Games), and at the last second, Samorost 2 (Amanita Design). So, you can.. Read More

UFHO: Space Academy

Announcing… UFHO: Space Academy! While waiting for UFHO2 (which will take a little bit to be ready), we will launch this episode in a month or so. Rise to the top, and become a master of rotation and powerups. Defeat your foes with strategy, and earn the rank of UFHO Commander. Coming out in June. Watch it on Youtube for higher quality! By the way, the trailer is a parody (if you want) of a famous Army promo, the Army Strong campaign.

The next couple of weeks

So the next couple of weeks will be really busy. The fact is this: in Naples, inside a big exposition called Comicon (and her sister GameCon) I will participate in a speech about indie games in Italy. The speech will be called: “Italian videogames, or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the indie scene”. It will speak of the difference between working in a ‘regular’ game dev studio and an indie team. To some of you it may sound ridiculous, it may sound… obvious. In Italy, this is nothing to take for granted since here the culture of.. Read More

Spotlight: Tiny & Big: Up that mountain

Ok, here we are, another spotlight. I know, you’d die for more UFHO news, but I couldn’t help myself but share this with you, it’s too cool. It’s from a game called Tiny & Big: Up that mountain, in development by a small studio in Germany: I’ll leave any consideration on the awesomeness* to you… * like a friend of mine would say

Spotlight: Love

I’ve got a bunch of UFHO-related news, from the recap of the recent event I’ve been to, to minor improvements to the game. While I wrap my head trying to post about it, why don’t you check this other great game: it’s called Love, and it’s a first person shooter/action game, with a lot of strategic elements, an incredibly fresh graphic style, online team play, and what not. Be sure to watch this video to understand what it’s all about. You’ll be blown away…