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Ciro Continisio

Game developer, designer, writer for IndieVault, Global Game Jam Regional Organiser, and game jammer myself. I slooowly made UFHO2, I'm now on FATAL ERROR.

Various UFHO news

I bet the gaming world is really focused on the GDC these days, but there’s little news from the other side of the pond too. Development on UFHO2 is going on nicely, this week I implemented the structure to support powerups, and the Block powerup as the first one. As I said before, in the weekend I will be in Empoli for an event, where UFHO2 will be showed in public for the first time, and in playable form too! Also, Francesco (the composer of UFHO’s score) has composed a beautiful music piece for the first level, he will post.. Read More

Ludicomix event

As I wrote before, the GDC has started and is going on nicely. There’s already a lot of reports on the speech detailing the Indie Fund, or how to make games without caring about your player (by Cactus). Having said that, I won’t stay here in front of my PC for the whole month. On saturday 20 / sunday 21 of March, I will be in Empoli (near Firenze) to attend Ludicomix, an event about comics and videogames. I will be bringing UFHO2, as much playable as possible, and maybe even hold some improvised contest to hand UFHO t-shirts to.. Read More

The GDC is starting!!

The Game Developer Conference has started in these hours… how I wish I was there! Italy seems to be far from every place where videogames things are happening.. Surely though I won’t miss this year’s GDC Europe! In the meantime, it has been reported to me that Ron Carmel’s Indie Fund talk just ended… what did he say? Does anyone have insights?

Family portrait

Ok I know, you all think I am slacking, because I don’t update the blog as often as I used to do. If you took a glimpse at the calendar though, you would see that work on UFHO is going on and while I can’t show you the latest programmed features, I can show some graphics. In this issue, a family portrait of all the races in UFHO2. Two of them (the foremost) have already been covered on the blog (Jeevils and Gooys), the other two will be soon. And the dark shapes on the back? They are two extra.. Read More

Indie Fund

Just a little bit late on the news bandwagon… The day before yesterday, on the blog of 2DBoy a new announcement was made: a group of ‘indie superstars’ will begin a funding source initiative for indie game developers. From indies to indies, that is. The authors of such a primer are Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler, 2D Boy (World of Goo), Jonathan Blow, Number None (Braid), Kellee Santiago, thatgamecompany (flOwer), Nathan Vella, Capy (Critter Crunch), Matthew Wegner, Flashbang Studios (Off-Road Velociraptor Safari), Aaron Isaksen, AppAbove Games (Armadillo Gold Rush). From the official site of the Indie Fund: Indie Fund is.. Read More

Google Wave

By the way, I just noticed that I have got something like 15 Google Wave invitations left. If you still haven’t tried Wave and need an invite, email me at c [dot] continisio [at] gmail [dot] com You can even ask me for 3-4 invites together, just send me all the addresses and make sure they are Google accounts. I found only one practical use for Wave, but I can’t say that it’s a stupid tool. Maybe it will slowly get the attention of people, and indeed it is something to try at least once.

Spotlight: Strangers

I just found this very very nice little game on the forums of TIGsource, created by Jan Willem Nijman. Maybe it’s impulsive to say this but I think it’s a very, very good game. Be warned though: it’s very short. Also, the graphics are sweet. Play Strangers


You may have noticed* that the blog has got a new navigation system, just below the header / trailer. Now you can get info on the game, and take a look at my/our everyday schedule. By the way, if you think I spend too little time on UFHO, think again: I consume my head on it day and night, but like any ‘indie’ we have to divide ourselves between pleasure work, and money work. 🙂 Ciro * = or you may have not, and that’s why I wrote this.

Still thinking about the Global Game Jam

More than a week after the Global Game Jam ended, I am still thinking about it and what a great experience it was. I know that maybe someone, reading this post, may think that this is childish. I can hear them saying: “Haven’t you ever been to a serious event about videogames before??” Well, no.Actually, to be honest, I’ve been to a couple of conferences, like the IVDC in Milan last year. It was ok, it was interesting now and then, but it was also full of lecturers that were only trying to advertise their company or product, disguising their.. Read More

Spotlight: David Lanham

David Lanham is a graphic artist that has worked for years in the icon design. He also devoted his life to vectors, it seems. I first discovered his works in 2005 when I was starting to use vector drawing softwares, and since then he became one of my inspirations everytime I find myself in front of an empty Illustrator canvas. He also made some incredible icons working at the Iconfactory. But… he’s a graphic artist, what am I talking about? I should let his works speak for him, enjoy! David’s works