Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

Ciro Continisio

Game developer, designer, writer for IndieVault, Global Game Jam Regional Organiser, and game jammer myself. I slooowly made UFHO2, I'm now on FATAL ERROR.

Spotlight: Every day the same dream

I want to point you out to a very good game made by an italian independent game maker, Paolo Pedercini, who in turn is part of a small-but-very-famous indie reality called “la Molleindustria”. La Molleindustria’s goal has always been to create games with a deeper theme than the average player would expect. They delved into unthinkable themes for videogames, like theology, religion, the role of the Pope, environment preservation and even pedo-pornography. Every time they did it with a strong and black humor, every time outputting though a game of great quality and, above all, of great meaning. This game.. Read More

Welcome to UFHO

Dear players, welcome to UFHO! For those who don’t know UFHO yet, let me explain now what it is, what has been so far and where it will go. UFHO is a puzzle game, so simple, so addictive. You are in control of a jelly alien and you must move him through a hexagonal maze of hexagonal rooms, in pursuit of the gems that contain the energy of the universe. So simple? Yes. An easy game? Not so much. Addictive? I think (and hope) so. UFHO is all about strategy: the player can modify the connections between the rooms of.. Read More