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A sample of the music for UFHO2

Hey guys, Francesco here. Being unable to show you some progress on the gameplay, Ciro handed the proverbial “hot potato” to me, so here I am to give you something about the game. This is a sneak peek on the UFHO2 soundtrack, taken directly from my Bandcamp page. They’re just a few tracks, however I think they’re enough to get what the overall groove and ambience may sound like in the final game. The first two are actual game level songs. The third one, Nice to Bit You, is UFHO2’s main theme. The final one has been used on the.. Read More

About the development of UFHO2 Soundtrack and sound design

Right now while I’m writing this post, Ciro is madly working to implement the music layers that I scored for the first level of the game, and some sound FXs that I gave to him last night. As the composer for UFHO2, this was the most crucial moment of the production for me, because I knew that the first music piece that I was going to write was kind of defining the whole sound and ambience of the game, and of the entire soundtrack. The first music is done. After introducing the setting, the music changes dynamically with the actions.. Read More

A Christmas present to all our readers…

Hi everyone! I’m Francesco D’Andrea, and I am honored and thrilled to be part of the UFHO Team! I am currently writing the soundtrack of the game and working on the sound design. A lot of ideas are coming up to intepret this charming world of UFHO… It continuosly stings my imagination, I really feel part of an amazing tale to translate into notes! It’s almost Christmas, so I felt I had to make a present to all of you UFHO enthusiasts. Here is a simple, short Christmas tune I made based on a similar ambience of the UFHO Main.. Read More