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Introducing Jeevils

The Jeevils are the nemesis of the Gooys. They are wicked, and they’re only worried about Gems. They want them at all costs but, being cold and deceptive, they never lose their minds and are really focused when they meet a worthy opponent. They are masters when it comes to rotate rooms and areas to get an advantage, but they lack the brains to make a thoughtful use of powerups, like Gooys do. This doesn’t mean they are to be taken lightly.

Their appearance is similar to the Gooys’, but they look more fluid and less compact than their good cousins, and in fact often lose pieces and drops of jelly. They have two very bright eyes, without pupils, and spots on their back. Their usual colors are red, pink, brown, orange, scarlet, fuchsia… and all the variations of red.

Spotlight: Studio Evil

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about a fellow italian studio that has done some interesting things and, most important, has lasted for some years in the italian indie panorama without crumbling.
StudioEvil is based in northern italy, mainly in Bologna, and is composed of 4 members: Marco Di Timoteo, Christian Meneghini, Mosé Bottacini and Antonio Teglia. I had the pleasure of meeting two of them at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference last year, and they are really motivated.

Their best work (for me at least) is a small game called G, a Spacewar ‘relative’ with very interesting mechanics, and it was also nominated among the best 5 games in the XNA Dream Build Play warm-up contest of 2007.

One of the members of StudioEvil also worked on a side project under the umbrella of another company, but since he has put a lot of himself into that game it has to be mentioned… the game is Enua Online, a very good strategy browser game that is astonishing for the cure of details, at least for me because I know the size of the team.

Now the StudioEvil is working on a new, undisclosed project. Who knows this time may be their big hit, I wish them good luck.

Introducing Gooys

Like any respectful galaxy, also the universe of UFHO is populated with different breeds of aliens. Today we’re going to talk about the most common one and actually also the most important for our game: the Gooys.

The Gooys are the Good guys of our story, they live their lives peacefully, minding their own business. They are faced though with a sudden shortage of Gems and set out from their homeland, Goonia, to look for a new source of Gems or, maybe, another source of energy altogether.

They are the ones that appear in the teaser, as navigator (Navigooy, the green one) and radar officer (Sensorgooy, the blue one) of the UFHO. Their commander belongs to another race though.

Calm and inoffensive, the Gooys sometimes are very easy to fool because they trust anyone. That’s why they can sometimes be not too smart in a match, since they often fall in carefully laid traps. They are not easy to beat though, because they are not stupid and make very good use of powerups.

They come in green and blue hues, and are usually very bright. Their distinctive tract is the single big eye that protrudes from their… front face. Curious and deep, it gives up their true innocent nature.

New year – Work is starting

Hi all, happy new year! I know I’m late, fact is that 2/3 members of the UFHO team – that is, me and Francesco – were trapped in London by the snow on the 6th, just at the end of a big vacation. Now we’re back and work is going to start really soon on the real production of the game.

I’m happy that a lot of people that have seen the first game, seen the teaser or just heard about the game have shown a big interest. I myself have big expectations for it.

The only let down is that people show a lot of interest talking to me in person or in chat, but never comment on the blog or on Youtube. Are you shy? 🙂

Spotlight: Every day the same dream

I want to point you out to a very good game made by an italian independent game maker, Paolo Pedercini, who in turn is part of a small-but-very-famous indie reality called “la Molleindustria”.
La Molleindustria’s goal has always been to create games with a deeper theme than the average player would expect. They delved into unthinkable themes for videogames, like theology, religion, the role of the Pope, environment preservation and even pedo-pornography. Every time they did it with a strong and black humor, every time outputting though a game of great quality and, above all, of great meaning.

This game has been made by Paolo for a competition at TIGsource, and the theme was “art game”. This time the execution is a little bit more easy compared to their other games, but the end of the game is really bitter. Try it for yourself:

A Christmas present to all our readers…

Hi everyone! I’m Francesco D’Andrea, and I am honored and thrilled to be part of the UFHO Team! I am currently writing the soundtrack of the game and working on the sound design. A lot of ideas are coming up to intepret this charming world of UFHO… It continuosly stings my imagination, I really feel part of an amazing tale to translate into notes!

It’s almost Christmas, so I felt I had to make a present to all of you UFHO enthusiasts. Here is a simple, short Christmas tune I made based on a similar ambience of the UFHO Main Theme:

If you see this text, your browser doesn’t support the player. Get Flash now!! Or you can’t even play UFHO2 when it will be released.

Have a nice listening! I hope you’ll like it, and… Merry UFHO-Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂


Welcome to UFHO

Dear players, welcome to UFHO!
For those who don’t know UFHO yet, let me explain now what it is, what has been so far and where it will go.

UFHO is a puzzle game, so simple, so addictive. You are in control of a jelly alien and you must move him through a hexagonal maze of hexagonal rooms, in pursuit of the gems that contain the energy of the universe.
So simple? Yes. An easy game? Not so much. Addictive? I think (and hope) so.
UFHO is all about strategy: the player can modify the connections between the rooms of the game board, blocking his opponent or creating new paths for himself. All of this in a turn-based struggle where you can challenge your friends in a match of strategy a little bit like chess, but with less rules and more action.

The first UFHO has been launched in february 2008, playable for free on We pushed the game a lot, and it received a good response from the players. However, we’re an “indie” reality and we can’t provide the game with the advertisement campaign it deserves. So we’re moving UFHO to a new location, a place where it will be easily playable by everyone. Where? I will tell you in a while.
UFHO had a good multiplayer mode, but one of the biggest problems of the first edition was the lack of a single player mode, something that is needed while waiting for people to come online and play.
We listened to the feedback left by the users and are ready to come back with style.

UFHO2 will be released in a few months, with a new graphical style, a background story, new gameplay mechanics, a new dynamic soundtrack, and a single player mode complete of a full-fledged Artificial Intelligence. And more I don’t know yet.

In the coming months, I will update this blog with development milestones, small updates on the game, graphical sneak-peaks, chatting about other indie developers, maybe interviews and whatnot, with the help of the others in the UFHO team.
If you are already a UFHO player, stick with us. If you never played the game, stay tuned and give us a chance. You’ll love it.

the UFHO team