Since when I discovered game jams in 2010 when I went to Catania in Sicily to participate in the Global Game Jam I fell in love with these events. I find them great for newcomers and seasoned developers alike, and I try to participate in as many as possible every year. I have learned a lot from game jams and from the great people I met there.

I strongly believe that jammers shouldn’t go to jams with a pre-made team. As such, one of my golden rules is that I always try not to jam with the same person twice, and I kinda broke this rule only once (see the game Tobii).

The GGJ 2015 in Rome (photo by Marina Berardi)
GGJ 2015 in Rome inside Tempio di Adriano (photo by Marina Berardi)

After getting a bit of experience with game jams, I started organizing the GGJ in Rome (since 2013) together with Codemotion, and as part of IndieVault; and I have been GGJ Regional Organizer for South-West Europe since 2014. It feels very nice to organize jams, it is my personal way of giving back a little bit to the world of independent development which has taught me so much.

Selected games

This is a short list of the games which, for one reason or another, I hold most dear. They are ordered from the most recent to the oldest.

They are oftentimes the result of very good team chemistry, sometimes the result of an isolated spark of inspiration. Go to the pages to know more about them:

  • Nordic Game Jam 2015 (Copenhagen) – “How About Some Coffee, Tobii?” – me, Alex Camilleri, Michelle Westerlaken (link)
  • Indie Speed Run 2013 (Roma) – “Red Hot” – just me (link)
  • No More Sweden 2013 (Malmö) – “Super Milking Galaxy” – me, Gualtiero Tabacchi, Alberto Venditti (link)
  • The Election Games ’13 (online) – “Status Quorum” – me, Irene Iorio (link)
  • Nordic Game Jam 2013 (Copenhagen) – “The Chenny” – me, Mattia Traverso, Alex Camilleri, Danny Calleri (link)
  • GGJ 2011 (Verona) – “Clergymen from Inside the Earth vs. the Joy Empire from Hotter Space” – me, Pietro Righi Riva, Nicoló Tedeschi, Paolo Tajé, 93 Steps (link)

Other jams

Here’s a list of all the jams I took part to, the games I made (linked to the relevant page when applicable) and the people I teamed up with.

Most of these games were made when I had very little experience. In other cases, the jam didn’t go as I wanted it to, and I ended up not making any game at all (mostly when I was organizing, because of the lack of time!).

As you can see, I am not a huge fan of online game jams. I prefer the ones where you show up in person and sweat with all the others as the deadline approaches! 🙂


  • Global Game Jam (Rome) – “Br kn Tr nsm ss n” – me, Ennio Pirolo, Giovanni Capoccia, Augusto Pace, Valerio Riva, Mauro Ferrante, Laura De Stefani, Monica Neddi, Marco Giannone, Alessio Di Maria, Matteo Vilardo (link)


  • Splash Game Jam (on a boat in Norway) – “Cryptex Inc.” – me, Fredrik Ludvigsen (video,
  • Trojan Horse was a Unicorn, Co-Labs (Tróia) – Helped with 3 games – me, various people
  • Unity Brighton office game jam #3 (Brighton) – “Tweet Weaver” or “✍️ the 📖” – me, Fırtına Özbalıkçı (
  • No More Sweden – “Pong Clone #24,974” – me, Andreas Jörgensen (
  • Unity Brighton office game jam #2 (Brighton) – “Illegal Football” – me, Petros Mizamidis (
  • Train Jam (on a train in the USA) – “Downexpected” – me, Alan Hazelden
  • GGJ (Prague) – “Splash Clash” – me, Jana Kilianová (link) (writeup)


  • Unity Brighton office game jam (Brighton) – Untitled – me, Rene Rudziński
  • GGJ (Rome) – “Forgotten Pin” – me, Ennio Pirolo, Valerio Riva, Augusto Pace (link)


  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – “Sloth Dictator” – me, Gustav Jansson, Radostina Kazakova (link)
  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – See above
  • GGJ (Rome) – I was organising, I got ill, and didn’t manage to make a game :’-(


  • Ludum Dare 31 (online) – “Tight Fight” – just me (link)
  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – I couldn’t find a good idea 🙁
  • GGJ (Roma) – Too busy organising, I didn’t even try


  • Indie Speed Run (Roma) – See above list
  • Indie Speed Run (online) – “Into The Fire” – me, Nathan Gary, Bill Rasmussen
  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – See above list
  • Molyjam (Roma) – “Doggie Doggie” – just me (link)
  • The Election Games (online) – See above list
  • Nordic Game Jam (Copenhagen) – See above list
  • GGJ (Roma) – I was organising and I couldn’t finish the game I started :-/


  • No More Sweden (Malmö) – “No More Soccer” – me, Luca Salmin
  • Molyjam (online) – “Plug Hunt” – just me (link)
  • Nordic Game Jam / GGJ (Copenhagen) – “Infinite SWAT” – me, Jan-Willem Nijman, Rami Ismail, Arvi Teikari (link)
  • Indie Speed Run (online) – “Beach Please” – me, Flaminia Grimaldi


  • No More Sweden (Stockholm) – “Viva la Repubblica” – me, Angelo Yazar (link)
  • Lunarcade Factory (online) – “Bledge” – just me (link)
  • GGJ 2011 (Verona) – See above list


  • IndieVault Game Jam (online) – “Cubed” – just me
  • No More Sweden (Skövde) – “Rowtard” – me, Niklas Åkerblad (link)
  • Mini Train Jam (on a train in Italy) – “Battery” – me, Rosario Milone
  • GGJ (Catania) – “Donkey Hat” – me, Giuseppe Navarria, Rosario Milone, Giovanni Famà, Federico Castronuovo