How About Some Coffee, Tobii? is a game about having breakfast. Also about Mars.




It is a quirky motion game made in 48 hours during the Nordic Game Jam 2015. The theme of the jam was Obvious, and we made the game about the seemingly obvious task of making breakfast. You have to interact with the kitchen appliances with the PlayStation Move controller, but things go kind of wrong when you discover that the kitchen is actually… well, you can see for yourself by downloading the game from here (Mac-only, sorry!).

I made this game with my friends Alex Camilleri and Michelle Westerlaken, and we actually got to the final round (together with another 9 games, out of around 120 games!). Here you can see the game being presented in the finals (we are the first game, starting around 4:03):


More screenshots:


The story of how we got to the final team for the creation of this game is quite peculiar. I ended up working together with Alex, which I tried to avoid not because he’s not a cool dude, but because I always try to jam with different people every time. So right after Nordic Game Jam, I made a write-up of my adventures in group forming in different game jams, including this one. You can read it on Gamasutra.

You can download the game from Alex’s Itchio page (requires a PlayStation Move, and it’s Mac-only).