A selection of the games I worked on, from commercial titles to jam games, to prototypes.
For more smaller games, check this page.


Slybots: Frantic Zone

Steam Logo Design, graphics, code (with E.Pirolo, J.Karlsberg)


Steam Logo Kickstarter Logo Crowdfunding, design, graphics and code

The Chenny

Design, code (with A. Camilleri, M.Traverso, D. Calleri)

Red Hot

Design, graphics, code


Design, code

Status Quorum

Design, code (with I. Iorio)

Clergymen from inside the Earth vs the Joy Empire from Hotter Space

Design, graphics (with Santa Ragione)

How about some coffee, Tobii?

Design, code (with A. Camilleri, M. Westerlaken)


Design, graphics, code (with F. D’Andrea)