Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

Spotlight: Strangers

I just found this very very nice little game on the forums of TIGsource, created by Jan Willem Nijman. Maybe it’s impulsive to say this but I think it’s a very, very good game. Be warned though: it’s very short. Also, the graphics are sweet. Play Strangers

Still thinking about the Global Game Jam

More than a week after the Global Game Jam ended, I am still thinking about it and what a great experience it was. I know that maybe someone, reading this post, may think that this is childish. I can hear them saying: “Haven’t you ever been to a serious event about videogames before??” Well, no.Actually, to be honest, I’ve been to a couple of conferences, like the IVDC in Milan last year. It was ok, it was interesting now and then, but it was also full of lecturers that were only trying to advertise their company or product, disguising their.. Read More

Spotlight: Niklas Jansson

Niklas Jansson (no, he’s not the guy above) is a factotum: he draws beautiful concepts, he is a good game designer, and he knows programming too (for what I know). His website, PSG, is not updated anymore, but you can find his latest works (and ramblings) on his blog. I will always remember him though for his original rendition of old concepts, there’s a lot of them on the site of his company, Android Arts, and they really stand out. He’s also the guy behind the spectacular pixel art of Cortex Command, which was covered some posts ago. I don’t.. Read More

Spotlight: Moonloop

This time it’s the turn of Moonloop, a dynamic duo based in south Italy: Giuseppe Navarria and Rosario Milone. I’ve met them at the IVDC last year in Milan, and beside being very nice guys they also know what it takes to be an indie developer, and they are really focused on the work and know what they’re looking to achieve. Self confidence is ok, but you must admit your limits and, moreover, the limits of the industry you work in (someone said Italy?) I’ve had the chance to team with them at the recent Global Game Jam in Catania,.. Read More

Global Game Jam in Catania

As everybody knows already, this weekend a lot of Global Game Jams will be hosted around the world. We didn’t want to miss this funny event, so I went to the nearest chapter in Italy, that is in Catania. Sadly, Francesco (the audio man) couldn’t join me because he was withheld in France for work reasons. Speaking of the Catania chapter, the nice guys of e-ludo organized the event in the faculty of engineering in Catania. Incredibly, the university’s headmaster agreed in hosting the GGJ. Looking at GGJ experiences in other countries, one would think that this is something to.. Read More

Spotlight: Cortex Command

Cortex Command is an awesome game in the works by DataRealms. It’s a 2D scrolling shooter with a very interesting gameplay: you control an army of droids through a remote brain hidden in a bunker. The game is usually a skirmish, although in the campaign sometimes there’s more elaborated tasks to perform. There’s two things I love about this game: The inspired retro-look: the game sports some beautiful pixel art, made by Niklas Jansson (I’ll cover him in another post). Everything is pixel, and everything is destroyable. And when pixel start flying… Mmm… The buy/sell mechanic: things are delivered on.. Read More

Spotlight: Studio Evil

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about a fellow italian studio that has done some interesting things and, most important, has lasted for some years in the italian indie panorama without crumbling. StudioEvil is based in northern italy, mainly in Bologna, and is composed of 4 members: Marco Di Timoteo, Christian Meneghini, Mosé Bottacini and Antonio Teglia. I had the pleasure of meeting two of them at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference last year, and they are really motivated. Their best work (for me at least) is a small game called G, a Spacewar ‘relative’ with very interesting.. Read More

Spotlight: Every day the same dream

I want to point you out to a very good game made by an italian independent game maker, Paolo Pedercini, who in turn is part of a small-but-very-famous indie reality called “la Molleindustria”. La Molleindustria’s goal has always been to create games with a deeper theme than the average player would expect. They delved into unthinkable themes for videogames, like theology, religion, the role of the Pope, environment preservation and even pedo-pornography. Every time they did it with a strong and black humor, every time outputting though a game of great quality and, above all, of great meaning. This game.. Read More