Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

Stickers and minicards

Finally, the stickers are here! Click for a bigger image As before with the minicards, I ordered them on The print quality turned out great as always, even though the guys at Moo managed to cut out a very small part of the ‘y’ letter. I am sure I followed the guide files they provide though!… Well, not too bad. The stickers are still very nice and the text is readable enough, considered their small size.

UFHO2 at the No More Sweden 2010

After rumors of my presentation being lost because the streaming was interrupted (with cries of people from Italy calling for an international scandal), it turns out that someone really captured my presentation (and others) on tape. I guess I have to thank Jeb from Oxeye Games! Here we go:

We’re on IndieDB too

What to say, another good thing for indie devs! ModDB, the site dedicated to mods and one-man-band games, felt it was necessary to create a whole new place for indie developers around the world. The name says it all, IndieDB. We as Tiny Colossus couldn’t miss the appointment, so we jumped in the DB. Tiny Colossus’ page is here: UFHO: Space Academy page is here: By the way, they also have the group for the italian indie game portal, If you happen to be italian and indie at the same time, and you’re reading this, head for this page immediately.. Read More

The Humble Indie Bundle!

Those crazy geniuses (geniuses? is this the plural of genius?) of the Wolfire team have created another crazy initiative. But this time for good. The Humble Indie Bundle is, like the name implies, a bundle of indie games. It’s humble because you pay what you want. That’s right, you can have all 6 games in the bundle for as low as 1 cent. It’s crazy. The games are World of Goo (2D Boy), Acquaria (Bit Blot), The Gish (Edmund McMillen), Lugaru HD (Wolfire Games), Penumbra Overture (Frictional Games), and at the last second, Samorost 2 (Amanita Design). So, you can.. Read More

Google Wave

By the way, I just noticed that I have got something like 15 Google Wave invitations left. If you still haven’t tried Wave and need an invite, email me at c [dot] continisio [at] gmail [dot] com You can even ask me for 3-4 invites together, just send me all the addresses and make sure they are Google accounts. I found only one practical use for Wave, but I can’t say that it’s a stupid tool. Maybe it will slowly get the attention of people, and indeed it is something to try at least once.

Still thinking about the Global Game Jam

More than a week after the Global Game Jam ended, I am still thinking about it and what a great experience it was. I know that maybe someone, reading this post, may think that this is childish. I can hear them saying: “Haven’t you ever been to a serious event about videogames before??” Well, no.Actually, to be honest, I’ve been to a couple of conferences, like the IVDC in Milan last year. It was ok, it was interesting now and then, but it was also full of lecturers that were only trying to advertise their company or product, disguising their.. Read More

Global Game Jam in Catania

As everybody knows already, this weekend a lot of Global Game Jams will be hosted around the world. We didn’t want to miss this funny event, so I went to the nearest chapter in Italy, that is in Catania. Sadly, Francesco (the audio man) couldn’t join me because he was withheld in France for work reasons. Speaking of the Catania chapter, the nice guys of e-ludo organized the event in the faculty of engineering in Catania. Incredibly, the university’s headmaster agreed in hosting the GGJ. Looking at GGJ experiences in other countries, one would think that this is something to.. Read More

Welcome to UFHO

Dear players, welcome to UFHO! For those who don’t know UFHO yet, let me explain now what it is, what has been so far and where it will go. UFHO is a puzzle game, so simple, so addictive. You are in control of a jelly alien and you must move him through a hexagonal maze of hexagonal rooms, in pursuit of the gems that contain the energy of the universe. So simple? Yes. An easy game? Not so much. Addictive? I think (and hope) so. UFHO is all about strategy: the player can modify the connections between the rooms of.. Read More