Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

FATAL ERROR is on Steam Early Access

The game I’ve been developing with Ennio Pirolo for the past few months has finally landed on Steam. Check the trailer:

FATAL ERROR is a local multiplayer shooter with a twist: everybody is looking at the same screen, but there is information that only one player knows. We achieve this through what we call “stealth mechanics”, which add a lot of spice to the matches and have proved to be kinda fresh, and a lot of fun.

Why Early Access?

FATAL ERROR is a game that has been shaped by player feedback from its very first days: before it went into alpha, it had already been showcased in 3 game events. We take feedback very seriously and that’s why we decided to bring it to Early Access: we have a clear idea of where the game is going, but we want the players to be able to shift the course of development, suggest new features and voice their opinion on the ones we have in mind.

We planned many tools to communicate with you players, and we intend to use them in full force:

  • We will use the Community Hub for main feedback and suggestions.
  • We have a public development board on Trello, where players will be able to vote on the features they suggest and follow the development closely.
  • We also have a dedicated public board for tracking bugs.

Finally, you can see the roadmap for future builds on our public Roadmap on Wunderlist.

UFHO2 is on Steam

It took a looong time and there were a few bumps on the road, but finally, UFHO2 is on Steam. As Steam would say, “insert confetti here”!!

For those of you who don’t know what UFHO2 is, take a look:

It’s a delicious mix between a board and a strategy game. You play as an alien who is trying to navigate a maze-like UFO, in the effort of getting to the room where the gem of power is before your opponent. It’s a brainy game for puzzle-lovers, with plenty of content that will keep you occupied for a while and local multiplayer to challenge your friends.

On Steam you can get also a Deluxe edition which includes the soundtrack and a bunch of extras:

It just took 4 years, didn’t it? 🙂