Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

UFHO2 is out on Desura Alphafunding!

After 9 months in development, we finally launched UFHO2 on Desura Alphafunding! You have the chance to get it now at 40% off while in alpha/beta stage, and of course this purchase will become the full version when it becomes available. You can get it for PC, Mac and Linux! Nobody’s left out! What’s this “alpha100”? This version of the game is called alpha100, and will be the base for the progress that will lead to version 1.0. Future alpha builds will be called alpha101, alpha102, and so on… Speaking of features, here’s the changelog as it appears in the.. Read More

New Alpha and IGF Submission

Submissions to the IGF 2013 are now closed, and we sent UFHO2 as an entry in the closing hours (so much near the end that we didn’t even receive the confirmation email :P). The build we sent is also the new alpha version that I’m going to send to our backers of the campaign this evening, both on the iOS and desktop platforms. Additions:– Tutorial!! An interactive and complete tutorial on the basics of the game. – Voices for all the characters – All the characters are unlocked – AI is really though now, uses powerups LIKE A BOSS –.. Read More

2D is not 3D (in case you didn’t know)

Hej hej! (swedish greeting) I just wanted to tell everybody we’ve been working hard and have not escaped with the Kickstarter money. No, really, today I want to talk about the switch of UFHO2 from 2D to 3D. I was convinced that it was an easy change, and in terms of the overall work it is, because UFHO is ultimately made of simple geometries and the characters themselves are not humans with tons of bones, clothes, hair, etc – all things that are hard to render in 3D and that require a lot of work. Our characters are mostly jellies,.. Read More

The Gish in UFHO2

After a long hiatus, here’s the long promised character update that we’ve been delaying for some days now. Latest addition in the cameo rosters is… THE GISH (from The Gish) The Gish is one of Edmund McMillen‘s creations when he was working at Cryptic Sea. This ball of tar will make his appearance in the campaign, and once unlocked, become controllable in multiplayer. We have chose to port Gish’s multiform capabilities in UFHO2 with a twist: you will not be able to control them! Read more in the gameplay section below. STORY Gishes are a species of dark, black balls.. Read More

The Goo balls in UFHO2

After the big adventure that was the Global Game Jam (I’m going to post about it in a while) where I had the pleasure to work with Arvi Teikari and the Vlambeer guys, here’s the promised update. This time, some familiar faces are going to be unveiled, they are… THE GOO BALLS (from World of Goo) From 2D Boy‘s World of Goo come the mythical balls of goo in their most classic grey guise. You will find them in the story mode in an UFHO that is boarded using a bridge made of goo balls. After beating them, they will.. Read More

The brain from Cortex Command in UFHO2

Day four of our guest characters brings you none other than… THE BRAIN (from Cortex Command) From DataRealms award-winning game in the making, Cortex Command, comes one of our weirdest guests. As the name implies, this is just a brain in a glass bowl. However, just as in Cortex Command this seemingly harmless body part is hooked to some technology that helps it move, and has the ability to mind-control other living beings. STORY There was once a great Gooy UFHO commander, who was so able in navigating mazes that he could single-handedly (as if he had hands) outsmart two.. Read More

The Tetrobot in UFHO2

A new challenger appears from France, this time it’s… TETROBOT (from Blocks That Matter) From the minds of William David and Guillaume Martin of Swing Swing Submarine, the Tetrobot is the protagonist of the cute and difficult platform/puzzle game Blocks That Matter, for XBLIG and PC, Mac and Linux. Redubbed “Hexabot” in UFHO2, as the other guests he’ll be both a race (even though he’s a robot) in the story and a selectable character in multiplayer. STORY Built by the Renegooys, the Hexabots are utility robots that help in cleaning and keeping tidy the UFHOs. They are not that sophisticated.. Read More

The Super Crate Box critters in UFHO2

Another day, another new character. This time’s the turn of… THE CRITTERS (from Super Crate Box) The ‘adorable’ skull-shaped critters that swarm in Vlambeer‘s hit Super Crate Box will inhabit abandoned UFHOs (such as the crashed UFHO currently used for 2vs2, if you have played the game) and be selectable for multiplayer. STORY These creatures are little carnivorous predators that move in small packs, and they can be found in plains on different planets (it is said that they hide in spaceship’s cargos, thus their presence in more than one ecosystem). They are usually not dangerous for anybody bigger than a cat, as.. Read More

Commander Video in UFHO2

As teased several times before in other posts, I said that several characters from other known indie games would make their appearance in UFHO2. Finally it’s time to say the names, and the first is: COMMANDER VIDEO (from the BIT.TRIP series) The first guest star, provided by the nice guys at Gaijin Games, is the black alien known as Commander Video, starring in the awesome BIT.TRIP series (I personally love BEAT and RUNNER). He will not be only one character, but an entire race of aliens in the UFHO2 universe. You’ll meet Commander Video during the later stages of the single-player campaign, and.. Read More

UFHO2 on Kickstarter

After a couple of months of preparations, UFHO2 has been put on Kickstarter to raise funds for its development. For those who don’t know what Kickstarter is, or similar sites like it, it is a relatively new way of doing fundraising. People discover project they like, they pledge money to make the project a reality, and if the needed amount is met by the deadline, the project creator gets the money. In return, people who donate get a bunch of rewards for their early help. For UFHO2, the plan is quite simple: raise the money by february next year, develop.. Read More