Games and prototypes by Ciro Continisio

About the development of UFHO2 Soundtrack and sound design

Right now while I’m writing this post, Ciro is madly working to implement the music layers that I scored for the first level of the game, and some sound FXs that I gave to him last night. As the composer for UFHO2, this was the most crucial moment of the production for me, because I knew that the first music piece that I was going to write was kind of defining the whole sound and ambience of the game, and of the entire soundtrack. The first music is done. After introducing the setting, the music changes dynamically with the actions.. Read More

Various UFHO news

I bet the gaming world is really focused on the GDC these days, but there’s little news from the other side of the pond too. Development on UFHO2 is going on nicely, this week I implemented the structure to support powerups, and the Block powerup as the first one. As I said before, in the weekend I will be in Empoli for an event, where UFHO2 will be showed in public for the first time, and in playable form too! Also, Francesco (the composer of UFHO’s score) has composed a beautiful music piece for the first level, he will post.. Read More

Ludicomix event

As I wrote before, the GDC has started and is going on nicely. There’s already a lot of reports on the speech detailing the Indie Fund, or how to make games without caring about your player (by Cactus). Having said that, I won’t stay here in front of my PC for the whole month. On saturday 20 / sunday 21 of March, I will be in Empoli (near Firenze) to attend Ludicomix, an event about comics and videogames. I will be bringing UFHO2, as much playable as possible, and maybe even hold some improvised contest to hand UFHO t-shirts to.. Read More

Family portrait

Ok I know, you all think I am slacking, because I don’t update the blog as often as I used to do. If you took a glimpse at the calendar though, you would see that work on UFHO is going on and while I can’t show you the latest programmed features, I can show some graphics. In this issue, a family portrait of all the races in UFHO2. Two of them (the foremost) have already been covered on the blog (Jeevils and Gooys), the other two will be soon. And the dark shapes on the back? They are two extra.. Read More

The universe of UFHO

Things happening in the UFHO universe are set in a very far galaxy. This galaxy, whose name is Sticky Way, is a conglomeration of stars just like our Milky Way, but its laid out in the form of a hexagon. In this galaxy exists a great source of power that was created many ages ago by a race now exinct. This power has been sealed inside the Gems, which look exactly like very shiny and bright blueish gems. The most intelligent living forms in the Sticky Way galaxy are all jelly-like, like the Gooys or the Jeevils. They have learned.. Read More

Introducing Jeevils

The Jeevils are the nemesis of the Gooys. They are wicked, and they’re only worried about Gems. They want them at all costs but, being cold and deceptive, they never lose their minds and are really focused when they meet a worthy opponent. They are masters when it comes to rotate rooms and areas to get an advantage, but they lack the brains to make a thoughtful use of powerups, like Gooys do. This doesn’t mean they are to be taken lightly. Their appearance is similar to the Gooys’, but they look more fluid and less compact than their good.. Read More

Introducing Gooys

Like any respectful galaxy, also the universe of UFHO is populated with different breeds of aliens. Today we’re going to talk about the most common one and actually also the most important for our game: the Gooys. The Gooys are the Good guys of our story, they live their lives peacefully, minding their own business. They are faced though with a sudden shortage of Gems and set out from their homeland, Goonia, to look for a new source of Gems or, maybe, another source of energy altogether. They are the ones that appear in the teaser, as navigator (Navigooy, the green.. Read More

New year – Work is starting

Hi all, happy new year! I know I’m late, fact is that 2/3 members of the UFHO team – that is, me and Francesco – were trapped in London by the snow on the 6th, just at the end of a big vacation. Now we’re back and work is going to start really soon on the real production of the game. I’m happy that a lot of people that have seen the first game, seen the teaser or just heard about the game have shown a big interest. I myself have big expectations for it. The only let down is.. Read More

A Christmas present to all our readers…

Hi everyone! I’m Francesco D’Andrea, and I am honored and thrilled to be part of the UFHO Team! I am currently writing the soundtrack of the game and working on the sound design. A lot of ideas are coming up to intepret this charming world of UFHO… It continuosly stings my imagination, I really feel part of an amazing tale to translate into notes! It’s almost Christmas, so I felt I had to make a present to all of you UFHO enthusiasts. Here is a simple, short Christmas tune I made based on a similar ambience of the UFHO Main.. Read More