Ticketless is a playful tribute to Canabalt. As the title says, you’re a ticketless guy running in the train trying to escape the ticket collector. Depending on the difficulty level, you will have to evade from one to three different kind of obstacles.

Ticketless music is by Francesco D’Andrea.

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Ticketless Title

Ticketless Start

Ticketless Gameplay

Ticketless Double Fine


Ticketless was our first adventure into the sponsored Flash games market. It was mainly conceived as an experiment to test the Flash market through the FlashGameLicense website.

Luckily, it was well received by sponsors (we got a lot of interest) and players alike (Ticketless has a user rating of 4.05/5 and reviews for 9/10 on Newgrounds).

I have been thinking forever of making a port for mobiles, maybe one day it will happen.