UFHO2 is the sequel to the first 2007 UFHO game, a highly strategic, turn-based puzzle game. Two players are pitted against each other in a UFHO (an hexagonal maze shaped UFO), in a struggle to get the most gems. Being the UFHO a maze where rooms can be rotated, they have to outwit their opponent to create the best route for themselves and slow down the other player.

UFHO2 will be bigger, longer and uncut: new characters (+ guest stars from other games!), more powerups, several scenarios to play in, 2vs2 matches, online play, and (finally) a good AI to compete against in the Story mode. All these changes will bring UFHO's strategic depth to the max.

Check the UFHO2 mini-site for a trailer, more and bigger screenshots, and some pointless humor.

The characters looking at a gem (WIP)
A match in the training room (WIP)
If you want to stay updated on UFHO2's development, check out our Twitter feed, our FB page, or the newly opened forum. If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign (see below), you will be able to access a backers' only section on the forum with pre-release screens, sketches, gameplay videos, samples from the soundtrack, and whatnot.

UFHO2 on Kickstarter

Funded with Kickstarter
As it was shown in the first trailer, we initially planned to release UFHO2 in mid 2010. Due to various reasons we had to stop the development, until in late 2011 we looked for funding through Kickstarter.
The response was positive, and we got funded after two months.

A classic match with some guest characters (WIP)

Now we're working hard to make UFHO2 happen on tablets, and soon later on PC and Mac (maybe Linux too?). The current planned release is mid-September.
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Tiny Colossus is an indie cell born in Italy, but now spread throughout the whole galaxy.
We have created the UFHO series, Ticketless, and other games.